About Me

Hello! My name is Chanda Shaw and I'm a 3D Artist. I am currently a 3D Intern at Innovation First International, Inc., under the Hexbug division. Thanks for stopping by.

Current faves:

    -Software: Zbrush

    -Movie: 1917

    -Animated shorts:

        -"Earth" by Lil Dicky

        -"The Backwater Gospel" by The Animation Workshop

       -Any Kengan Ashura AMV, great series

    -Book: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

    -Food: Chicken sandwiches

    -Quote (at the risk of sounding pretentious):

                "If A is success in life, I should say the formula is

                 A = X + Y + Z. X is work, Y is play, and Z is keeping

                 your mouth shut."

                                                                                -Albert Einstein

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